CTC tea is essentially a way of processing black tea. Black tea leaves are crush, torn, and rolled through a cylindrical roller in a process known as crush, tear, curl. These rollers contain sharp teeth that slash, rip, and curl the leaves, resulting in little, firm tea pellets. This tea is usually serve with sugar and milk. This tea is produce in the states of Assam and West Bengal. Tea is produce using equipment that maintains the properties of the pluck leaves. The teas are roll and dried by hand. The tea bushes are responsible for their growth since they receive an average of 12 hours of sunlight every day. It has huge leaf diameters that are also beneficial to growth. This tea is typically harvest from February through December. As a result, you may buy CTC tea online at this moment. These teas have a strong, crisp taste that goes well with milk and sugar. Each tea estate yields 3000 kg of CTC tea per hectare.

CTC Teas are divided into three types. Dust and Leaf Fanning The leafy grades are divide into three categories: BOPL, BOPSM, and BP. The Fanning is classified as BPSM, PF, or OF. The dust grades are divide into two categories: PD and Dust.


Sir William McKercher devised the CTC process in Assam, India, in the 1930s. In the 1950s, the method extended throughout India and Africa. The CTC process is now use to manufacture the majority of black tea produced across the world. The end product yields tea that is well-suit for tea bags, has a robust taste, and is quick to infuse.


The CTC technique is known to homogenise the flavour of black tea because of its crushing and tearing characteristics. The pressure from crushing and tearing the tea helps the tea to spontaneously break down the cells. The damaged cells oxidise completely, causing the tea to taste robust yet lose its nuance. CTC teas in dry form might be combined with cheaper teas, making it difficult to recognise the specific varieties of tea leaves used in the tea. Whole and broken leaf teas, on the other hand, are far more difficult to combine with affordable teas. If the tea used at the commencement of the CTC process is of excellent quality, the completed CTC tea product will be of high quality as well.


An Assam CTC brew is one of the world’s best and fragrant mixes, with a malty and fruity flavour. CTC tea is also well-known for its numerous health advantages.

  • Aids in the Fight Against Cancer — Assam CTC tea is one of the finest blends that contains antioxidants that aid in the killing of cancer-causing cells while causing no harm to the surrounding cells. It helps to keep you hydrated and moisturised. It also helps to prevent cancer.
  • Aids in Fat Loss – CTC is an excellent tea for persons who have acquired only a small amount of weight. It aids in the reduction of body fat and the loss of weight. Assam CTC brews aid in the prevention of fat absorption in the cells, resulting in weight loss.
  • Prevents Heart Problems and Heart Attacks – Studies have shown that drinking a cup of Assam tea twice a day reduces the odds of having a heart attack by at least 50%. It also aids in the prevention of serious cardiac disorders such as excessive blood pressure and blood clotting, as well as the relaxing of blood vessels.
  • Promotes Digestion – A cup of CTC tea after a big meal aids digestion. If you have a stomach cramp, you can drink a cup of black CTC tea. This tea is produce using equipment that maintains the properties of the plucked leaves


Most black teas are CTC known as ctc black tea and may be found in any grocery shop. If you’re very interest in the origin and manufacturing characteristics of a tea, it’s advisable to visit a specialised tea store or search internet tea merchants to get the specific sort of tea you’re looking for (or experiment with new tea varieties). You can visit www.duncanstea.in to get some tea.


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