Cushion Fabrics to Choose From for the Summer and Winter Season

Cushion Fabrics to Choose From for the Summer and Winter Season

When it comes to¬†choosing fabric for your cushions, you have a few different options to choose from. Dupioni, canvas, Pique, and jersey are all excellent choices for cushions. If you don’t know what these fabrics are, you can find out more about them by reading on. We’ll also discuss the different uses of each fabric. Here are some of the main benefits of each fabric for cushions.

Dupioni fabric

There are several types of Dupioni cushion fabric available in the market. You can choose the summery or the wintery season based on the time of year you want to use the cushions. Dupioni is a light to medium weight fabric, which is made from the silk of two silk worms. Its knubby texture makes it appealing to the eye. The material is highly durable and can last for years.

Canvas fabric

Several types of canvas fabric are available for cushions. Spun polyester is a good option for outdoor cushions as it is very hard wearing and resistant to stains and soil. Spun polyester is also inexpensive to produce and is commonly used for patio cushions and seat pads. Spun polyester is spun from 100% polyester fibers that are made into a three-ply thread. The material is incredibly durable and does not suffer from shrinkage.

Pique fabric

There are many great things about pique fabric cushions. Not only is it highly absorbent and durable, it is also easy to care for and iron. Pique fabric is also very comfortable, with its textured weave hiding any perspiration stains. Pique fabric is also ideal for any season or event. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to add a pop of color to your home.

Jersey fabric

There are several types of Jersey fabric, so you will be spoilt for choice. Some are thin, while others are thick. Modern jerseys are the lightest and most breathable. Cotton Spandex Jerseys are thicker than traditional cotton fabric, but still hold their shape. And Organic Cotton Knit is the most durable type of cotton fabric, with two-way stretch. You can even create two-sided scarfs out of one fabric.

Acrylic fabric

There are many different types of acrylic cushion fabric. Each of these fabrics has its own pros and cons, but in general, they all have the same properties. Acrylic is resistant to mildew, moisture, and stains, and it also won’t fade in the sun. These qualities make acrylic a versatile material that is great for cushions and decorative pillows in any room. There are many types of acrylic cushion fabric to choose from, and it’s important to know which one to choose.


The chenille fabric gives your cushion a slick look and is a great choice for a summer or winter-themed cushion. Available in many different vivid colors, chenille fabric can be used to contrast with the background of a room. It is important to note that chenille fabric is not suitable for use in a room with pets that have claws, as these can damage the tiny loops. In addition, chenille fabric is also prone to stains and is difficult to repair.


During the summer and winter seasons, you can find a wide variety of silk cushion fabrics to choose from. These fabrics are both hypoallergenic and flame-retardant, and are great for use indoors and outdoors. They are also durable and resistant to heat and mould. Wool cushions also tend to be softer than other fabrics and are an excellent choice for both summer and winter. You can find them in a wide variety of colors, including white.


There are various varieties of brocade fabrics that you can use for cushions. They are soft and stretchy with a unique sheen. The fabric is used in wedding gowns and other formal wear. Apart from cushion covers, brocade is also used as upholstery for furniture. It is a beautiful and elegant textile that is very durable and soft to the touch. The material can also be used for curtains and window treatments.

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