Kristina’s Inspirational Book On Overcoming Self-Doubt

Among those who worship perfection and feed their insecurities, Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, a renowned entrepreneur, international motivational speaker, and artist, provides hope to the community. In the BecomingFlawesome book, she focuses on the relationship between perfectionism and self-doubt. It provides refreshing and innovative perspectives on embracing flaws and finding self-discovery. The author’s inspirational writings encourage readers to overcome self-doubt and start the journey toward success.

Unmask the flawlessness of imagination

#BecomingFlawesome is an effective tool to remove the illusion of perfection many people struggle to achieve. Kristina wrote this book from her struggles in the last few years. She explains how unrealistic expectations and societal pressures can catch a person in self-doubt and perfectionism.

The author provides a motivational message in this book that removes the perfection myth. It is important to bring happiness and joy instead of thinking about perfection. In addition, the author inspires people to let go of flawlessness pursuits and accept their imperfectly by sharing her triumphs.

Taking care of yourself

One of the most profound messages conveyed by Becoming Flawesome book is taking care of you. Also, the person can learn about the importance of self-compassion. Besides, Kristina explores the harmful effects of self-criticism and motivates people to replace them with nurturing approaches.

In this book, the author guides the person towards creating a self-image and self-care, beating the internal critic through practical strategies. On the other hand, Kristina says self-compassion is not an obstacle but a source of resilience. First of all, the individual must take care of themselves to overcome self-doubt and step toward success.

Build positive mindsets

If you need to cultivate growth mindsets, you can invest in Becoming Flawesome. It works as a method to build positive mindsets. The author urges people to see failures as new opportunities for personal development, learning, etc. Therefore, you don’t want to give up while facing challenges in your personal or professional life.

Kristina shares her journey of overcoming self-doubt and accepting imperfections to encourage individuals to develop persistence. She has already written three books: Live By Your Own Rules, 7 Days To Happiness, and The Art of Being Flawesome. These books help readers reframe their thoughts and adopt growth-oriented approaches to life.

Pre-order Becoming Flawesome at https://www.mindvalley.com/book/flawesome and obtain bonuses. This book enables readers to gain practical tools and valuable insights for increasing positive thoughts. It also helps people find their true potential, learn from challenges and enjoy a fulfilling life.

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