What Are the Biggest Industries in the State of Washington?

Washington is a massive state that’s well known for its thriving cities and strong economy: but it’s unlike any other place on Earth. Whether you’re curious about the massive industries that make this state so incredible, or you’re more curious about how your real estate will gain value living here: it’s worth a visit.

These are the top industries in Washington and why you might want to consider moving here for work! 

Food and Agriculture

You can’t say Washington without people thinking about apples and the other fruit that grows here. This state is a fantastic producer of raspberries, seed peas, grapes, barley, and so much more. It’s even a great producer of milk, with 74% of the counties in Washington having dairy farms that call them home. Washington brings in around five billion dollars of revenue from dairy farming every single year. If you have any interest in farming or agriculture, Washington might be the state for you.

Aerospace and Construction

Seattle’s home to the largest aerospace firm: Boeing. The Boeing Company employs over 84,000 employees in Washington and brings in sixty-six billion dollars every year. This is a huge amount of revenue and offers Washington a lot of perks and employment. Boeing pays its employees above the national average, which means if you can snag a job with them, you’ll be set so you can afford a more comfortable lifestyle in this gorgeous state.

Information and Communication Technology

It’s no secret that Seattle and Tacoma are tech hubs. Seattle serves as a model for cloud-based computing and gives companies from Facebook to Amazon the chance to grow as much as they want. Amazon has over 40,000 employees in Washington, and it pays off! The technology sector brings in nearly $40 billion in revenue, which isn’t a small amount! 


Washington is among the top three producers of timber and biofuel. With massive acres of land that are dedicated to forestry and awesome private, public, and national forests, there’s a lot of natural beauty to take in from a visit here.  

Demand is on the rise for timber, which this state is matching while actively taking steps to ensure that these forests are replanted and taken care of. This coats over 21 million acres and all of them are breathtaking. 

Is It Worth Moving Here For Work?

If you’ve never been to Washington, you’re in for a fantastic surprise. This entire state is gorgeous, with beautiful cities, incredible deep forests, and amazing art and history. If you’re considering moving here for work, it’s important to know that this is one of the more expensive states, especially if you want to live directly in Seattle or Tacoma. Of course, if you can get past the price of Bellevue houses for sale, you’ll get to live in one of the most incredible states in the country.

Washington is a Fantastic State

Washington is unlike any other place on Earth. If you’re considering a move that will improve your life and make every day more interesting for you, consider moving to Washington!

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